There seems to be a troubling trend of missing teens

An even dozen teen girls have been reported missing since the beginning of February.

Judicial Investigating Organization reports usually are scanty when reporting cases involving minors, but agents usually report when a missing person has turned up.

A troubling aspect is the revelation Sunday that in at least one high school a teen girl was

facilitating the prostitution of her classmate.

One missing teen case is that of Britany Michelle Calvo Mora, who vanished March 2 in San Sebastián. Judicial agents put out a second notice over the weekend
involving the 13 year old. Agents said the girl was seen last on her way to the Colegio Dobles Segreda as she passed through the Parque de San Sebastián.

The other open reports are not concentrated in one area. There were girls reported missing in Liberia, Orotina, Alajuelita, Alajuela, San Ramón and San José.

The reports range from Feb. 7 to late last week. In addition to the girls, there is a 17-year-old boy in Pavas and one 16 year old in San Carlos who have been reported missing over the same time span.

Reports of missing teens are not uncommon, but most quickly end up with a resolution.

An unhappy teen runs off to a girl friend’s house or with a boyfriend or a young man joins his family in Nicaragua. And judicial agents withdraw the report in a day or two.

But the spate of missing girls is unusual in their number and frequency.

Teens are easy targets, and a troubling report surfaced over the weekend of a school girl setting up one of her classmates with a man who sought underage sex.

Judicial agents made the arrest of the Costa Rican at a commercial center in Pavas. Somehow agents got wind that he was supposed to meet the 13 year old there.

Agents said that the case of the 46-year-old man began in September when a schoolgirl, 13, told a friend that she needed money. The friend appears to have had contacts with the man and said that he would pay 150,000 colons (about $285) for a sexual interlude.

The man was working in Panamá, but agents said that one of the girls involved said that she saw him first when he passed by her school on the pretext of looking for a daughter. Agents said that they could not discard the possibility of other cases.

This was the arrest Sunday in Pavas. Agents try not to show the face of suspects before conviction.

This was the arrest Sunday in Pavas. Agents try not to show the face of suspects before conviction.

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