Trump and Mrs. Clinton are big winners

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big in a a flurry of primary elections and caucuses in U.S. states Tuesday.

Both appear to be well poised to obtain the presidential nomination of their political parties.

Trump gave a conciliatory victory speech in which he praised his main opponents, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. And he fielded questions for reporters.

Trump polled the most votes in Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, and Arkansas. Cruz won his home state of Texas and adjacent Oklahoma.

Rubio eventually was declared the winner in Minnesota.

The results in Alaska were not known by early morning, and the race was very close.

The convention delegate votes are proportional, and Trump seems to have about 400 of the 1,237 needed for nomination by the Republican Party.

In contrast to Trump’s mild victory speech, both Rubio and Cruz were highly critical of the frontrunner. Cruz called on him again to seek the release of an audio tape that seems to have been made in a meeting with the editorial board of  The New York Times.

The tape is sure to cause ripples in the journalistic profession, too, in that a major newspaper held an off-the-record discussion with a presidential candidate.

The Democratic races had some surprises. Sen. Bernie Sanders won his home state of Vermont. He also won Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota. But Mrs. Clinton took Massachusetts by a small margin and Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas.

Mrs. Clinton is almost assured of the nomination because there are more than 400 high party and elected officials who are not bound by the results of the primaries. Nearly all have endorsed the former secretary of State.

However, Trump, in his speech, suggested that she might not be the Democratic nominee if she is arrested on criminal charges. A review of more than 50,000 emails she sent from her private home computer shows that she handled some secret documents that way, a clear violation of U.S. Law.

Trump said that some who have done much less paid a big price.

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