Another drug plane crashed with the loss of the pilot

Another presumed drug courier plane has crashed. This mishap was in the sea off  Playa Carate near Puerto Jiménez on the east shore of the Osa peninsula.

The Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas reported one of its crews found a dead man, presumably the pilot floating in the ocean. Law officers also found some aircraft parts and a vehicle parked on land that contained packages of cocaine.

The Fuerza Pública said that officers received a tip about a plane making an unscheduled  landing in the area. The plane may have landed and crashed while taking off.  The body and presumed crash site was some two kilometers off the beach.

Investigators also are trying to figure out what happened with a single-engine plane that crashed and burned above Playa Guiones near Nosara on the far Pacific coast Thursday. Two men on the aircraft died.

The security ministry released a list of nine cases involving the discovery of aircraft that were used in the drug trade since 2013. One plane was found last week buried near the beach in Quepos. Most were along the Pacific coast.

The bulk of the crashes appear to have been due to overloading the crafts with drugs.

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