Beekeepers getting modern honey facility

Beekeepers on the Nicoya peninsula are getting a state of the art honey processing facility, due in part to an investment of some 111 million colons ($210,000) by the Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería.

The beekeepers themselves through their organization, the Asociación de Apicultores de Jicaral, are putting up 400 million colons or about $756,000.

The location, Jicaral, is on the east coast of the Nicoya peninsula overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya.

Initially the honey processing plant will service 32 small producers who have 4,300 colonies of bees. The plant will be able to handle the honey production of up to 20,000 colonies, said Casa Presidencial in a release.

Government officials are taking a tour of the area through today.

The processing plant will allow the honey to meet various international standards for hygiene, said officials. They also noted that the bees do double duty. In addition to collecting honey they are important pollinators for the local agricultural products.

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