Computer programmers invite to solve the problems of the oceans

Fundación MarViva and the U.S. Embassy are sponsoring an unusual contest for Earth Day. Computer programmers will try to solve environmental problems involving fish while seated at their machines in the Centro Comercial Plaza Rohrmoser

The U.S. State Department has organized this event twice before, but this is the first year for Central America.  It is being called Fishackathon 2016.

The dates are April 23 and 24, a Saturday and Sunday. Earth Day is the previous Friday.

Lead University, which is located in the commercial center, is providing the facilities, and prizes for winners includes scholarships at the new university.

More information is HERE!

According to an embassy announcement interdisciplinary teams of from two to four persons will create technical solutions to resolve problems concerning fish, oceans and marine life.

Said the Web site:

“Fishackathon was established to congregate brilliant minds for the purpose of developing usable solutions to address the problem of worldwide overfishing. Overfishing harms the marine environment and diminishes the already meager income of small scale fishermen. Fishackathon brings together computer programmers to find innovative ways to collect and analyze data, and find solutions for unsustainable fishing practices.”

The efforts will be judged locally.

Costa Rica, of course, faces major problems with the oceans. Lawmakers are involved in a controversy as to whether shrimp trawling, which damages coral and bottom-swelling marine life, should be resumed. Some proponents cite the economic benefit.

MarViva opposes the practice.

Recent news articles also showed that overfishing of parrot fish inflicts damage on coral because the fish eat the seaweed that can smother the coral. Then there is the development pressure on nesting areas for sea turtles.

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