Doubling wage means unemployment

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

My husband and I own a small hobby farm in an area of high unemployment. We pay our worker slightly more than minimum wage and of course, we pay his social benefits. Our worker supports his wife and children, lives in his own house, has no debts and is able to put away a small sum in the bank every year.

Since he started working for us (about 5 to 6 years ago) the cost of his social benefits has nearly doubled.  If this referendum is passed, we will have to terminate his employment. We simply will not be able to afford him.  He will be unemployed and the only jobs occasionally available are cutting cane or picking coffee (which pay less than the minimum wage of salaried workers).

Doubling the minimum wage will mean higher unemployment.  Another ramification of such a wage increase is that prices for everything will increase. Please don’t support this dangerous idea.

Desiree Wyant
Tuis, Turrialba
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