Financing plan directed at landowners who want to plant trees

The Costa Rican environmental ministry is expanding a way to encourage landowners to plant trees.

The concept received a trial in the northern zone. Basically, the government will finance for three years the cost of planting trees and collect the money when the trees are harvested as lumber.  This is a project of the Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal of the Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía.

Payments are made over three years. The amount depends on where the landowner places them. Payments are higher for trees placed on cultivated land or land that is pasture. Financing per tree ranges from 1,500 colons to 3,500 colons, said the ministry.

Landowners can get up to 10 million colons a year, about $19,000. Proposals for landowners in lesser developed communities will have priority, said the ministry.

The idea also is to reduce the carbon dioxide content of the air.

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