Fires ravage Nicoya and Los Chiles

Fire has consumed more than 1,600 hectares of fields and forest since Friday.

Major blazes were in Los Chiles on the border with Nicaragua and on the Nicoya Peninsula where expats homes are threatened above Playa Blanca.

Officials said that the Los Chiles blaze was about 1,500 hectares of private and public lands. That is about 3,700 acres.

A small blaze but a more obvious one has consumed several hundred hectares on the Nicoya peninsula.

The location is on the east side of the peninsula, according to Gerardo Vargas Rojas, a legislator. The blaze also has burned agricultural acreage, he said. Residents also feared that the blaze would damage water and utility lines. Vagas emailed air photos of the blaze.

Expat Ken Beedle said he has a vacation home that has been threatened by the blaze. It is south of the Playa Naranjo ferry landing above Playa Blanca.

He estimated the extent of the blaze to be two square miles.

“Around me, in a semi-circle is the burning remains from a fire that swept through our valley leaving it with a few trees and not much more,” he said via email. “A large tree still burns. Cut in two by the fire, it fell across another, and they appear like a KKK cross on the hillside. Our dry season suntan turned to a hellish black in thirty-minutes. What did not outrun the inferno died a horrible death. Thinking about the wild things we lost, I am sad. The toll is without number. Our wind chimes continue their melody to the living.”

He said that for a time he lost water pressure and later a transformer exploded cutting the power.

Then over the night he watched hot spots burst into new fire. The peninsula  has been a victim of the severe drought.

Nicoya peninsula blaze above Playa Blanca threatens a luxury home.

Nicoya peninsula blaze above Playa Blanca threatens a luxury home.

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