Fishing for parrot fish should be banned

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

The article focused on one species, the parrot fish, being one of the most important coral reef fish.  It is over fished here in Costa Rica by individuals and small fishermen as well.  I have personally witnessed over and over parrot fish disappear from coral reefs along the mid-Pacific and south Pacific of Costa Rica.   The main culprits are spear fisherman not abiding by any laws.  I have even seen them spear fish in protected marine reserves.  This is not limited to the poor fisherman that we think of.  I have seen well off spear fishermen using expensive Zodiac inflatables, wearing top-of-the-line wet suits and scuba tanks to fish for parrot fish.

The only way to lessen this type of fishing is to make it illegal to fish for parrot fish, instead of putting limits on the number that can be caught.  It also requires enforcement.

Once you put limits it allows people to abuse the limit quota because of lack of supervision.  Making it totally illegal does not allow limits to be abused.

There are too many other fish species killed for the fish industry to survive.  It is time for Costa Rica to take a stronger stance on the fish industry in this case and others as well.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona


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