Five held in La Guácima kidnapping case

Judicial investigators detained five men Thursday with the allegation that they kidnapped a businessman for money.

The crooks grabbed the victim, whose name was not given, while he was driving in Guácima on the evening of March 4. He was held overnight until his family came up with 1.75 million colons, about $3,300.  The crooks had wanted 7 million colons.

The man was freed in Río Grande de Atenas, said agents.

Delivery of the ransom involved leaving a plastic bag with the money near a utility pole in Siquiares de Alajuela. The victim was reported to have been held at the home of one of the kidnappers. That, too, was in La Guácima, said agents.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that raids to make arrests took place in Tambor, La Guácima and Ciruelas de Alajuela. They said they found firearms.

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