Free universities promote squishy minds

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

There’s really no argument about the 2016 political campaign being one of the most interesting and contentious in recent history. I live with constant indigestion over the level of civility coming from Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.

Bernie Sanders is an obvious exception. Although I disagree vehemently with him, and in spite of his 74 years, he appears intellectually alert and energetic and in this campaign to win it.

So I ask myself, why is he doing it? At 74 years of age it is unbelievably grueling. Clinton’s facial expression is a constant one of dread while Sanders is one of enthusiasm. How? Why?

Sanders admiration for the Russian form of communism with his admitted socialist beliefs and virtual hatred of capitalism doesn’t bode well for our current economic system. While Barack Obama nipped around the edges of a basic change in the way our government works, Sanders wants to complete the job. His key to getting there is free higher education.

A higher education today is in reality a higher liberal education. Tenured professors are predominately liberal, and there are very few conservative universities or conservative professors in major universities. Therefore, when all our youth are attending free universities, there will be few if any people attending vocational schools learning the mechanical skills needed in repairing a high-tech electric car or a leaking faucet. Our universities will be turning out cadres of young socialists to spread the gospel.

More concerning is the fact that we’ll become a nation of squishy-minded individuals expecting a socialistic government to care for us from cradle to grave, with zero chance of regaining international leadership.

Clifford F. Dukes
La Aurora de Heredia

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