How about local jobs in the southern zone?

Dear A.M. Costa Rica

It is my understanding that the U.S. Government is giving the Guardacostas a bunch of money in order to improve their facility here in Golfito. I also hear that the contract for construction has gone to a company from Honduras. What’s wrong with hiring local labor in a known depressed area?

Also the Junta Desarrollo Regional de la Zona Sur, known as JUDESUR, that administers the Deposito Libre here in Golfito is supposed to use its income to benefit the community here in Golfito. They are presently installing a nice marine walkway with a company from Cartago, and they are paying for lodging for workers from San Jose. We get a nice walkway, but little work for the locals.

I must assume that when JUDESUR was formed, it was likely staffed by politically connected folks from San Jose, and they are just sending the pork back to San Jose! I have been here in Golfito going on six years. Other than this walkway, the JUDESUR folks have nice offices, drive JUDESUR Prados, and appear to be making good money by their employees’ dress, but little falls far from their front door, for the locals here. In my humble opinion!

Glenn Klima

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