It’s time to start carrying an umbrella

The rainy season is not supposed to start in the Central Valley and much of the Pacific coast for a few more weeks. But there have been previews.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional issued a typical rainy season forecast Thursday night. It said that there would be hot, clear weather in the morning today that would generate cloudy skies in the afternoon from the mountains of Limón to the Nicoya Peninsula.

And these clouds might mean isolated downpours and some heavy showers in the afternoon.

This forecast most likely will be the same over the weekend with hot mornings and threatening clouds in the afternoon.

The south Pacific coast and the mountains of the central Pacific saw downpours Thursday, the weather institute reported.

Thunderstorms mean lightning, and this is the time of year when expats consider how they will protect their electronics.  There is no better solution than unplugging everything when a storm approaches. And that includes those cordless telephones that need electrical connections.

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