Lawmaker vows to send the cops after any no-show cabinet ministers

Relations between the executive branch and the legislature may have reached a new low Thursday. A lawmaker threatened to send the Fuerza Pública to bring in government ministers if the executive branch officials declined to appear before committees on their own.

The lawmaker is Juan Luis Jiménez Succar of the Partido Liberación Nacional. He said that some legislative committees were studying proposed laws and they needed the input from various government ministers.

He said that lawmakers cannot just wait until the ministers decide to show up. He said that some ministers, all members of the president’s cabinet, have declined to confirm a time when they had been asked to appear by lawmakers.

He made his comments at a meeting of the Comisión de Asuntos Internacionales Thursday. He also extended his threat to vice ministers and other high officials in the executive branch.

“If the minister declines to come, we ought to then ask the police to bring him in,” he said in a summary prepared by the political party.

Relations between the executive branch and lawmakers have been in decline since it became obvious that most legislators would not support President Luis Guillermo Solís in his effort to pass laws calling for more taxes.

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