Pro-pot supporters show their preference

About 40 supporters for the legalization of medical marijuana rallied Wednesday in front of the Asamblea Legislativa building.  They seek the approval of bill No. 19.256, which would allow citizens to grow cannabis for medical, personal, and industrial purposes.

So far, the bill has been obstructed from reaching the legislative floor by a group of evangelical lawmakers who filed 325 appeals last week at a committee in the Asamblea Legislativa.

The gathering also heard brief speeches from lawmakers Alberto Alfaro of Movimiento Libertario and Ligia Fallas of Frente Amplio. They both guaranteed total support of the bill.

Gerald Murray, director of Movimiento Cannábis Medicinal de Costa Rica and main organizer of the event, addressed both the attendees and police officers deployed by Ministerio de Seguridad Pública.

“Let God illuminate the ignorance of the evangelical lawmakers. This country is not a small farm anymore. Cannabis supporters are lawyers, doctors, professionals who want to benefit from the medical qualities of the plant.” he said.

Members of the police, thank you for protecting us since that’s your duty. Remember that real criminals might be wearing a suit and a tie. I’m going to light up my joint and expect the rest of you to do the same.” Murray added.

The activity remained peaceful, even though police officers conducted personal searches on attendees who were smoking pot.

In the United States where some states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, Wednesday was National Weed Day in which marijuana users gathered and smoked in some areas.

Demonstrators really want more than medical marijuana.

Demonstrators really want more than medical marijuana.

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