Proud Mac owner checks in with history

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Your article, although good, was lacking some basic facts.  First you labeled
the toaster Mac as the Apple 1.  The Mac you pictured was a Macintosh 128.

The one you pictured was, in fact, just the first Macintosh.  Before the
toaster Mac there was indeed an Apple 1 which was the prototype.  The
first production model was the Apple II.  Then came the Apple III,
which was available with a real hard disk (5 megabyte), and then came the
predecessor to the Mac you pictured which was called the Lisa.  It started
with large floppy disks but changed over to the 3.5 floppy we all knew with
the Macintosh 128.

I have been the proud owner of all of the Apple line, including the Lisa, Apple III and the toaster Macs.

Just thought your readers might like the additional history.

James Fair
Phoenix, Arizona
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