Save the parrot fish by eating them

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

If we really wanted to save the parrot fish, the best thing to do would be to encourage and (initially) subsidize commercial parrot fish farms.  Just as there is no shortage of tilapia or chickens, you will quickly find that you can remove almost any critters that are now on the endangered list merely by domesticating and creating/finding a market for them.

There will be plenty of parrot fish, more jobs and business opportunities, it will not require more police and more taxes to enforce what can’t be enforced (poaching and compliance).  The only government necessary to speed up the process would be research and advice into best practices for captive parrot fish farming and processing.  Just as is done for plantain, rice, beans, coffee, cattle, etc.

So… let’s get started on the First Annual Costarricense Parrot Fish Cooking Contest and save the reefs!

Chuck Dumas
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