Snakes to be featured at Coronado fair

Coronado, as any rural area of Costa Rica, has its share of snakes. But to see a cobra there, a visit to the 29th edition of the Feria Agrícola y Pecuaria would be required.

The agricultural fair officials have invited the Serpentario Exhibición Cultural Móvil to exhibit along with the farm animals and vegetables.

The mobile exhibit, managed by Luis Morales, has been traveling the country for 25 years and stopped at 750 schools to create a better understanding of snakes. Along with the cape cobra, an African native, the exhibition will contain some 20 species of snakes, including some familiar to country dwellers.

Visitors will find the goats and sheep more friendly as well as the Jersey milk cows. Coronado is known for its milk production.

The fair is in the Centro Agrícola Cantonal de Coronado from April 27 to May 1. The location is 200 meters north and 50 meters west of the Parque Central of the community.

For those in agriculture, the event also features workshops and instructional forums.

This yellow cobra has been invited to Coronado.

This yellow cobra has been invited to Coronado.

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