Sunday blaze blamed on faulty wiring

As expected the spectacular Sunday night blaze in Barrio Pitahaya has been attributed to faulty wiring.

The Cuerpos de Bomberos said that the blaze originated in a kitchen in one of the wood frame houses. The wiring there had been done by non-professionals and the lines had been stapled to a wooden wall. Slowly the wire became hot as the electricity was used, said a report.

No one was injured in the blaze that was in one of the city’s older neighborhoods with homes dating back to the 1940s.

Fire fighters managed to contain the blaze to the two homes despite flames shooting more than 100 feet into the air.

Wiring inside a home is not subject to inspection in the Central Valley, and the electrical companies only pay attention to the location of the meter and the wires coming to it. Even then bird nests of wire can be seen at many buildings where years of making do result in an electrical puzzle.

Investigators trudge through the remains of two homes.

Investigators trudge through the remains of two homes.

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