A gift guide for the gardener’s hubby

Well, I asked my husband, Metric Man, where my Mother’s Day bouquet was and he said, “This is a pick-your-own establishment” and handed me torleyheader020816the clippers. What could I do, I kissed him!

Yes, it must be really hard for the husband of a gardener to find something appropriate to give on Mother’s Day when the usual gifts are candy and flowers because a bouquet is just out. It’s not that he couldn’t go out and cut some
flowers, it’s just a reminder the old “Hagar the Horrible” comic strip. Hagar brings Helga a bouquet but the flowers turn out to be cut from her newly planted bushes. Well, you can imagine the consequences.

I know it’s too late for this year’s Mother’s Day, but I bet there are birthdays coming up, or you could just print this and save it for next year, so here are gift suggestions for the gardener on Mother’s Day.

Dining out. This is always a good one, if a bit ordinary (unless you never eat out, in which case it is long past time).

A certificate for a massage. Believe me, we need one. A long one. In a nice quiet place with music playing in the background. Better make it a full hour. Oh, and be sure there is someone to play chauffeur because no one wants to drive after a massage.

A day at a hot spring. This is a sneaky gift because you get to indulge too. Still, if you pack a nice lunch and a bottle of wine, she won’t mind.

A surprise trip. Somewhere she has wanted to go. Perhaps Rio Celeste or a botanical garden or somewhere that is just peaceful and relaxing. Just make sure to include lunch and that bottle of wine.

Chocolate. Personally, chocolate ranks high on my list of things-that-are-giftable but it must be dark chocolate. If you have the misfortune of being married to a no-chocolate woman . . . well, you poor thing.

A hand-made volunteer certificate. This is great if you usually avoid working in the yard or garden. Just promise five hours of yard work without complaint. We love the ‘no complaint’ part. And no deep sighs either.

Now, things that you should not buy for Mother’s Day include: Garden tools. Just a little too practical when we want to be pampered. That’s it, just don’t buy garden tools. (p.s. – New cars and jewelry are fine.)

For next year, Metric Man says he’ll buy me a little cacao tree. Nothing wrong with giving me eternal chocolate.

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