Another traffic tragedy in the downtown

The jury still is out on the question which agency is the worst in messing up Central Valley traffic.

From many motorists Tuesday that answer was the Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados, the water company.

Twice in the last six months, water company crews have simply blocked off a street and let motorists fend for themselves. One instance was on Avenida 7, which is the major west-east artery on the northern part of the capital.

Tuesday work crews began repairing a sanitary sewer on Avenida 9 at Calle 3. This is the area alongside the north side of Parque Morazán, which is a major bus route. The route was closed with no obvious plan to help motorists navigate the city.  The water company only made the announcement at midday Tuesday.

That work will continue and the major traffic tie up will continue through Friday. There were reports of traffic jams for blocks as motorists tried to find alternate routes.

Two months ago, Fuerza Pública officers conducted a raid on Avenida 7 in the areas known as Tierra Dominicana. Officers simply blocked the avenue uphill from the raid target. There were no traffic officers or any effort to establish an alternate route. That blockade was not the first at that location.

The municipality also provided motorists an obstacle when it redid Avenida Central north of the Museo de Jade. Motorists coming down Cuesta de Mora were confronted by a pile of rock and dirt in the middle of the street and no way to get by it.

The water company said that workers would be on the job at Avenida 3 24 hours a day.

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