Antigua Aduana being closed for electrical repairs

The culture ministry is closing the Antigua Aduana for redesign and reconstruction of the electrical system, it announced Thursday.

The closure comes just six years after the structure was inaugurated after a $6.3 million renovation job.

The ministry said that the principal structure that used to be the nation’s customs house will be closed from June until August. The location is on Calle 23 not far from the Estación al Atlántico rail station.

As a result, the annual Feria Internacional del Libro and Feria Hecho Aquí are being put off until later in the year.

The ministry said that the facility was inspected first in February by representatives of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros, the state insurance company. A second inspection was by the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz and individuals from the environmental ministry.

The ministry said that extensive work already was being planned. The cost will be about $1.4 million.

The main structure is a lengthy brick building some 215 meters (705 feet) long and 17.5 meters (57 feet) wide. The two-story glass-walled Casa del Cuño east of the main structure will continue in use, the ministry said.

Parts of the Antigua Aduana are home to other culture ministry programs, and there is the  Teatro de La Aduana.

The Antigua Aduana received thousands of visitors for various expositions each year, but many are government-sponsored.

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