Credit reported available for biodigesters

Viogas S.A. says it has reached an agreement with the Kiva Organization in San Francisco, California, to provide small loans for persons and firms that want to install a biodigester.

Viogas says it has installed up to 200 biodigesters all over Central America, the United States and Nigeria.

The Heredia firm has a full range of biodigesters from little to large enough to handle the waste from a large pig or dairy farm. The Kiva Organization will make loads of up to $2,500, Viogas said.

Kiva basically is a crowdsourcing organization that uses money from individual investors to make small loans in the developing world. It encourages investors to make additional loans when one has been paid back.

The biodigesters can convert the organic waste into methane that can be used as fuel.

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