Fuerza Pública carries the Playas del Coco effort into the schools

Fuerza Púablic officers are carrying their crackdown in Guanacaste into the night schools.

The Minsterio de Seguridad Publica said Wednesday that police officers were using drug dogs to check out the belongings and even the students in the area night high schools.

At one school police said they found 17 baggies of marijuana that someone judiciously had stuck in a dumpster. Police said the dog detected drug traces on some of the students and on a motorcycle at one of the schools.

Police sweeps of schools are not unusual, but the canton of Carrillo and the community of Playas del Coco in particular are getting special treatment because of a murder there in late February.

Police said they also returned to some bars and checked out vehicles and motorcycles.

The sweep included communities between Sardinal and Playas del Coco.

This is a continuation of the emphasis on the Pacific coast community after an Escazú man, Alejo Leiva Lachner, 21, was set upon by a mob and stabbed fatally in February.

A drug dog checks out a student’s backpack.

A drug dog checks out a student’s backpack.

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