Independence expat celebration to be on a Sunday

The U.S. Independence Day celebration will be July 3 at the Cervecería picnic grounds west of San José.

The sponsor, the American Colony Committee, said that the beer company, Florida Ice & Farm Co. has permitted the use of the picnic grounds even though the day was Sunday. In the past, the committee had to move the date to avoid a conflict with beer company employees on their day off.

Attendance is expected to be larger that Sunday than if the celebration was put off until the following day, July 4. The committee estimated about 3,000 attendees.

The committee is seeking donations again this year in anticipation of a larger turnout. Most U.S. expat firms and those that do business with expats generally make donations that are used to cover the expenses. Recently there has been a modest admission fee, but the committee continues to provide free beer and hot dogs in the style of a traditional U.S. Independence Day bash.

This is the 56th year for the picnic. The event was started to provide the children of expats a traditional July 4 celebration even though they were living here. More information is available at

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