Now they are smuggling avocados!

The avocado trade war has been elevated to smuggling.

The Policía de Fronteras stopped a truck coming from Panamá in Guaycará de Golfito Thursday afternoon and confiscated 20,000 avocados.

Police said that the Ministerio de Agricultura y Gandería ordered that the agricultural products be destroyed because they had not been inspected and entered the country illegally.

Costa Rica has forbidden the entry of  hass avocados from México and the United States over a concern about avocado sunblotch, which is caused by a viroid, a small piece of genetic material that can reduce production of the avocado trees.

The prohibition has affected the avocado market.

As A.M. Costa Rica has reported, the viroid cannot be transmitted except through pollen or by physical contact to trees by diseased plant material. In the case of pollen, the viroids cannot be transmitted unless the infected avocado seed is propagated and the subsequent plant comes in contact with other trees.

México has brought the situation to the attention of the World Trade Organization after the ministry’s Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado forbade the importation of the fruit.

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