Police raid small marijuana operation

Police still are making raids where they believe individuals are growing their own marijuana.

Such a raid took place Thursday morning in Los Anonos, Escazú, and resulted in the arrest of  a 55-year-old Cuban national with the last name of Ruiz.

The Policía de Control de Drogas said they found eight plants, each about a meter tall, and 690 grams of processed marijuana in baggies.

The man had a climate-controlled growing area for the plants, said agents.

A judge in Alajula absolved a local lawyer there of a similar offense on the grounds that there was no law against growing marijuana for self consumption.  That claim is the subject of an appeal.

Meanwhile, police continue to crack down even on small growers.

An anti-drug agent inspects the marijuana plants.

An anti-drug agent inspects the marijuana plants.

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