Proposed legal change would give spouses equal financial obligations

A new bill introduced to the legislative assembly seeks to even the ground for spouses when it comes to family financial duty.

The proposal would modify Article 35 of the Código de Familia, which currently states that the husband has the obligation to defray the household expenses.  The wife is obliged to collaborate in solidarity and proportionately when she has her own resources, it adds.

If the change is approved, it would then read “both spouses are  responsible to defray the needs and expenses in the family, and each one will respond in solidarity and proportionately

according to their possibilities and income.”

The modification was presented by Partido Acción Ciudadana lawmaker Marco Vinicio Redondo, so that the law matches the current gender equality paradigms and recognizes women rights.

“The current law does not fit in our society. Event though it is a symbolic change, we want to show that Costa Rica is a different country, and laws should change accordingly.” he said.

According to Redondo, another important goal of the change is to show that both men and women share responsibilities in the needs and responsibilities of the family, as well as in domestic chores and child care.

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