Sala IV constitutional court denies water to giant development

The Sala IV constitutional court has declined to order a local water company to provide service to a giant development in Playa Potrero.

The Poder Judicial released a short summary Friday that said although there is a fundamental right to drinking water, the local utility does not have to provide services if there are technical reasons in the way. The court also said that the denial of water service was fully justified due to the fragility and vulnerability of the aquifer in the area. Exploiting the aquifer, the underground water source, might cause the intrusion of salt water, it said. The court magistrates stressed the need to take preventative measures to avoid contamination of the aquifer.

The project involved, Las Catalinas, is supposed to have 2,500 villas with swimming pools. The project has been controversial, and it has figured in an earlier constitutional court case over environmental issues.

The water in this area of Santa Cruz is provided by an asociacion administrador de  sistemas de acueductos y alcantarillados sanitarios, basically a local organization.

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