Saturday is a day for American football

There is an American football doubleheader Saturday at the Ernesto Rohrmoser Stadium in Pavas, and at the top of the card is the Tropic Bowl VI that pits Costa Rican All Stars against a U.S. Semi-pro team.

The organizer, Athletes Without Borders, said it is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of initiatives that cultivate youth empowerment.  Through the efforts of athlete mentors, community leaders, and volunteers the organization strives to create programs that reinforce the importance of young people making healthy decisions for today and for their tomorrows, it said.

Football begins at noon with a youth and women’s training clinic with an international women’s game at 2:30 p.m. The Costa Rican All Stars meet the Honduras Vikings F.A. The Costa Rican players are from the Pérez Zeledón  Angels F.A. And the San José Olympian Goddesses CR F.A.

The men’s game pits players from both Costa Rican leagues against the North East All Stars from the United States. More information is HERE!

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