Tax agreement reached with Italian officials

Costa Rica has agreed to exchange financial information with the government of Italy. The foreign minister, Manuel González., signed the agreement Friday.

Government officials, including President Luis Guillermo Solís were in Italy, in part, to drum up trade and investment.

The tax agreement will formalize the exchange of information between the two countries.

So far Costa Rica has negotiated similar agreements with Argentina, Canada, the United States, Finland, France, Holland, Mėxico, Norway and Sweden, said the Ministerio de Hacienda. An agreement also is being negotiated with Panamá.

The latest agreement needs to be ratified by the Asamblea Legislative.

President Solís and the rest of the delegation were expected to be back in Costa Rica Sunday night. The delegation met with Pope Francis and visited with business leaders in Britain. The president also delivered two speeches in the United States.

Some lawmakers have branded the trip a junket.

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