Volcano experts discount panic messages

The national emergency commission says that some individuals have taken to the social media to spread panic and fear over the Turrialba volcano.

Apparently a message that was circulated a year ago has reappeared suggesting that parents have to provide water and other items for their children in school.

This comes at time when the emergency commission says that the activity at the Turrialba volcano is lessening. There were a series of eruptions Saturday and more Sunday. Ash carried by the wind went north of the San Jose downtown into Coronado, Guadalupe and Moravia Sunday.

Five public schools in the vicinity of the volcano will remain closed today, said the Ministerio de Educación Pública. The same schools were closed much of last week. Teachers will not be off today. The ministry said that the teachers involved would be meeting to discuss ways students can make up the course work once classes resume.

The emergency commission and the scientists involved in monitoring the volcano agree that the mountain can be dangerous and Costa Rica has a number of active volcanos, but they also said that being prepared is not being fearful.

The idea that the volcano’s activity is lessening comes from monitoring the emission of gas and vapor via cameras at the summit of the mountain.

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