Volcano experts say they see a reduction in Turrialba activity

Volcano experts are announcing bravely that the Turrialba volcano has shown a reduction in activity since Sunday.

That does not mean the mountain will go back to sleep peacefully. The nearby brother volcano, Irazú, spent more than two years with eruptions off and on.

The national emergency commission said that since 9 a.m. Sunday, no more eruptions have been logged.

However, the mountain continues to emit water vapor and gases, and the plume can be seen from a distance.

The plume is believed to extend about 500 meters, about 1,640 feet, above the level of the crater.

The wind is carrying the plume south southwest, said the commission, correctly called the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias.

Instruments on and nearby the mountain continue to detect seismic activity within.

Five schools near the volcano remain closed, and technicians are checking the quality of the drinking water. They also are checking the water in the Ríos Aquiares and Guayabito.

There are perhaps more cows than people within the five-kilometer radius being maintained by police and park

Photo from a distance shows the vapor emitted by volcano.

Photo from a distance shows the vapor emitted by volcano.

rangers. There also are many truck gardens with vegetables that have suffered from the ash.

The emergency commission continues to truck in hay bales for the animals so they do not have to eat the ash covered vegetation.

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