Window-breaking suspect nabbed again

Fuerza Pública officers detained a man Wednesday on the allegation that he was one of those window breakers along the Circunvalación highway.

The police agency said that the same man has been detained for the same crime in the past. Most of the young men who break car windows to steal purses and cell telephones have been detained multiple times, according to news files.

The Fuerza Pública said two different women said they had been victims and lost cell telephones. Crooks can get from $5 to $20 for a cell telephone. That is far less than the cost to replace a window.

The men usually are waiting as a vehicle with a single person, the driver, pulls up to one of the four traffic light-controlled intersections on the highway in Hatillo. They probably had spotters down the road making a selection. The men break the window usually with a rock and take whatever is on the passenger seat.

Hatillo is a hot spot for this type of activity, but motorists are vulnerable at every stop light and places where there are traffic jams. Police maintain stakeouts that sometimes are effective in nabbing a suspect.

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