Britain does not want to stop EU trade

Dear A.M. Cost Rica:

Thank you for this story in today’s edition, and I wish the President Solis every success in his meeting.

I think it is helpful to point out that the vote in Britain to leave the European Union was on a 52 percent to 48 percent result to leave.

However, Britain has absolutely no wish to cease trading with Europe (or any other country for that matter) as a consequence of the vote outcome.

In fact, tours and flights into Costa Rica from the United Kingdom are being very heavily advertised in the British national press, week after week in colour in the travel pages, as well as several excellent documentaries which have appeared on UK television helping promoting Costa Rica’s natural wildlife, resources and superb attractions.

Many in the UK who may well not know much about Costa Rica previously, are now much more aware of the country and all it has to offer visitors from the UK.
Anthony Ernest.
 Penarth, Wales
(Son of a Costa Rica-born former coffee planter
in Cartago province).

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