Cigarette tax asked for renewable energy

A lawmaker is proposing an additional tax on cigarettes in order to pay for research into renewable energies.

The lawmaker,  Edgardo Araya Sibaja of Frente Amplio, also proposes that renewable energy should be promoted for homeowners, In a release he said that seeks to develop efforts from every person to contribute to society and change the national energy system.

The bill he is submitting is designed to stimulate the self-generation of energy and the use of non-conventional renewable energy and to promote research into these possibilities.

He said he seeks a 50 centimo tax on each cigarette to pay for a fund to do the research. That would be about 10 colons on a typical pack of cigarettes. He also proposes custom duty break for importing, distributing and installing renewable energy generating systems.

There also are tax breaks for efficient buildings and for electric vehicles in the bill.

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