Essential trademark to be promoted internally

The government is taking its Esencial Costa Rica trademark to the people.

The effort comes from the Promotora del Comercio Exterior, the Coalición de Iniciativas para el Desarrollo and the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo along with the ministries of  Comercio Exterior and Relaciones Exteriores.

Originally the trademark, which is Essential Costa Rica in English, was designed to promote the country’s products internationally. The success of that campaign has not really been established.

But now the campaign becomes one that flatters residents. The essence of Costa Rica is its people, says the translation of one slogan.

The campaign said that it hopes to cultivate the country’s essence in the current and future generations. Those values are hard-working, talented, innovative and proud inhabitants who live in a privileged land, a summary said.

The campaign will be presented in the social media, sports events and among students, the summary said.

The various organizations have been promoting the original trademark since 2013. The campaign comes at a time when there is a loss of faith in public officials and the public is becoming aware of the critical financial situation.

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