Government and business meet on climate

Industry leaders met with government officials Tuesday to pledge support for adapting to climate change.

The government was represented by its Dirección de Cambio Climático and the  Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía.

The session heard that solar panels, gas generation with biomass and the sale of concentrated and recyclable products are parts of the strategy.

Some of the firms represented have long experience in reducing the carbon footprint.

Costa Rica has a national strategy for climate change that also includes efforts to make the country carbon neutral.

Irene Cañas, the acting environmental minster, said that an economy low in emissions is the goal and that being aware of the carbon footprints is a start.

Florida Ice and Farm Co. S.A. has a hotel operation, and the ministry reported that the  The Westin Golf Resort & Spa Playa Conchal was soon to be certified as carbon neutral. The company also is installing a biomass generator for its beer operation that is expected to save 9,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year, said the ministry in a summary.

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