Government is not capable of action

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Would be nice if a little more attention was placed on the economy in Costa Rica at this time since the government has no leadership and no direction.

Unlike some who live in the clouds in Costa Rica, some of us have substantial investments and, unfortunately, spend half of our time simply protecting them from the numerous pitfalls and the day-to-day indecision of simple issues facing this current government.

Can no one in this country make a decision? There is no way in Hell they will meet this deadline of passing a law [to prosecute financing of terrorism as a crime], absolutely no way. They are too busy trying to find ways to withhold information to cover their asses.

They can never tell the truth about anything. It is amazing. Well, boys and girls (I use this term as the people in charge are really children in adult bodies), in about 24 days Solís will get neutered by the international banking system because he simply can’t act or he is afraid some more dirt will be exposed.

It will be worth the price of admission to see the look on the government’s faces when they finally tell all the high-priced help and institutions we are broke: “there is no salary for anyone”

What do you think will happen if one day the police don’t receive their salary?  They already rob and extort with a salary. This is a case of why a country needs a military: If the police are criminals, the OIJ arrest them. If the OIJ are criminals, the government arrests them. If the government is criminal, the military arrests them.

But if this were true, Costa Rica would only have the janitor and the woman who received $104,000USD for last December salary at the Universidad de Costa Rica running the country.

Maybe the reason you don’t pursue  these issues is you are afraid of being censored by the government?

Maurice Aerts

Editor’s note: Mr. Aerts refers to the possibility that if the legislature does not pass a law against financing terrorists, the country will be put on a gray list that would impose criminal penalties. There was testimony to that effect before a committee investigating the Panamá Papers.

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