Halt sought to pineapple expansion

The head of Frente Amplio in the legislature is urging that a moratorium be established on the expansion of pineapple production in the region where agricultural chemicals have infiltrated the water supply.

The lawmaker is Edgardo Araya Sibaja, and he was directing his comments to Pital de San Carlos where 3,500 persons have been drinking contaminated water.  Araya was the one who brought the situation to the attention of the local courts.

He said that the Acueducto de Veracruz de Pital has been closed due to the contamination with three chemicals used in the pineapple cultivation. It appears that the chemicals have infiltrated the ground water.

The local producer, Agroindustrial La Lydia, S.A., has been involved in the controversy.

Chemical runoff has long been a concern, but pollution of the ground water likely to be a long-time issue.

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