Here’s one way to get that @3%&!* traffic to move

Traffic jams are reaching monumental proportions in the Central Valley, and the tempers of many motorists are beyond frayed.

Considering that getting across San José frequently takes two hours or more, motorists can be forgiven for wishing that their 1972 Datsun sedan really was a modern military tank that could crawl up the mass of cars in front and crush them into scrap while easily making the next appointment.

The government has not made life easier, either with a series of construction projects that slow traffic.Consequently many motorists will have great sympathy for the man stuck in traffic Saturday night in Alajuela. He was in Barrio Lourdes in the San Rafael district of the central canton.

The 43-year-old man leaped from his car and fired pistol shots in the air to intimidate other drivers.  Presumably this was more effective than blowing the car horn.When police arrived, they confiscated the pistol and pronounced him drunk. gunman061516

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