Homeland Security Web site seems to invite migrants to be refugees

Migrants who are huddled at the Nicaraguan border can be excused for thinking they will be welcomed when they reach the U.S. border with Texas.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which is supposed to secure the borders, says on its Web site prominently that refugees are welcome. The Web site also includes a story about Homeland Security Secretary Jeb Johnson meeting a 9 year old named Jaafar when the man visited Turkey.

The account did not say from what Jaafar was a refugee, but the lad and his mother turned up in New York a couple of months later to be photographed again with Johnson in front of the World Trade Center. The department Web site has  a number of accounts about refugees marking World Refugee Day, including a naturalization ceremony in Central Park.

From the Department of Homeland Security Web site.

From the Department of Homeland Security Web site.

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