Immigration woes lead to extortion arrest

Agents detained two immigration officers in Puntarenas Wednesday on the allegation that they tried to extort money from a foreigner.

The two men are 29 and 30.

Judicial agents said that the two men were approached by a foreigner March 17 who said that he did not have an entry stamp showing when he had arrived in the country. The man wanted to know what to do, the judicial agents said.

According to the allegation, the two men told the foreigner that he either could return to his home country in order to obtain an entry stamp when he returned or he could pay them $200 to resolve the situation.

Agents said they made the arrests after the foreigner completed the transaction with the two men. They said they confiscated in addition to the money paid by the foreigner some 300,000 colon and $500 also in cash that one of the men carried.

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