Initial salary proposals range from 2 to 3.5 percent

In less than a month a new list of minimum wages goes into effect, and worker representatives have proposed increases of from 2.13 to 3.5 percent.

The proposals were made before the Consejo Nacional de Salarios, which will make the decision.

The minimum wages cover workers in the private sector. A large percentage of Costa Ricans work for the minimum wages and will benefit from any increases.

The Ministerio de Trabajo maintains a list of minimum salaries by job classification.

Representatives of employers are expected to have their say next Monday, and the government will present its proposals two days later.

Sometimes a decision is not reached by the start of the first pay period, and employers have to make up the difference later.

The presentations Monday included the  Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Empresa Pública y Privada, which sought the 3.5 percent increase.

The Bloque Unitario Sindical y Social Costarricense suggested an increase of 2.76 percent but also sought 2 percent additional for domestic workers.

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