It’s not our fault, Sala IV insists

The Sala IV constitutional court is blaming a lower-court judge for freeing a man in January who is the principal suspect in cutting the throat of his female companion Tuesday.

The Poder Judicial fired off a statement Wednesday denying that the Sala IV ordered the man to be freed. Instead, it remanded the case to the Juzgado Penal del Primer Circuito Judicial de San José. The suspect is HIV-positive and had had an operation on his lung. So the court determined that he needed a ventilated room and other conditions that could not be found in prison.

So Tuesday about 4:30 a.m. The 26 year old engaged the 21-year-old woman with the last name of  Monjaret in an argument at her La Carpio home that ended with her death. The woman had two children, 2 and 6.

Police said the suspect tried to kill himself, but he later was reported stable in  Hospital México.

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