Maritime zone moratorium gets an OK

Lawmakers passed for the second and final time Thursday a bill that places a moratorium on evictions and demolitions in the maritime zone.

Lawmakers agreed that this was not a final solution but a way to delay evictions until a better solution won approval. The bill requires the signature of President Luis Guillermo Solís.

The moratorium is for two years, and it does not stop judicial processes, just the actual evictions and demolitions. The moratorium would not be applicable to cases where there is environmental damage, danger of environmental damage or illegal occupation. Those in the zone would be prohibited from constructing new projects. The bill, No. 19.139, received backing from 34 of 40 lawmakers.

The maritime zone is the coastal land that is considered property of the state. There have been a procession of laws that would provide security to those living there, but they have been challenged successfully by court actions.

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