Pineapple firm raided over pollution

Some 3,500 residents in Veracruz de Pital, San Carlos, have been drinking water laced with bromacil, a weed killer used extensively in pineapple cultivation.

In an effort to track down the source, judicial agents and prosecutors entered the storage facilities and administrative officers of a pineapple firm to see if it was a contributor to the contamination.

The Poder Judicial identified the firm as Agrícola Industrial La Lydia. Officials said that water used by the local utility company comes from springs, and that the firm has crops within 200 meters of this source.

The Poder Judicial said that there has been an investigation for the last two months and that this week there was sufficient evidence to obtain a warrant from a judge. The judicial agency was quick to point out that there are no accusations, and that the search was designed to generate evidence if any exists.

Pineapple growers have been a principal source of pollution of ground water due to the weed killers and pesticides they use in abundance.

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