Rainy season is a time to get some rest

Thank heaven for the rainy season! The dry season has been a lot of work, seven days a week work, but things have eased up a bit.

The dry season is a time to get things started for the rainy season. First there is dirt to microwave and amend so that it is fit for seeds and cuttings.

Moss has to be microwaved as well for a sterile topping on the pots. POTS! Clean all the pots and grab another half kilo of plastic planters to fill with soil. Figure out how to make some flats for massive plantings.

Collect seeds from everywhere, even if you have to buy them. Head  to your friend’s houses with clippers and get cuttings. Make sure you have cuttings to share with them. Look for seedlings at the local viveros and buy things if you must.

Back home and fill the pots and flats with soil. More soil! Get the microwave started again. Prune the cuttings and grab the rooting hormone. Make sure you start more than you need because you know some won’t take. Put some in water overnight with some liquid fertilizer. Grab the seedlings and get them into pots.

Where did you put the seeds you gathered at the restaurant? Yikes! In the pocket of your shorts wrapped in a napkin? Get the shorts before they hit the laundry and put the seeds into one of the flats. Water everything at least once a day, sometimes twice.

Check the things you already planted. Did you remember to mark them? No? Well, better let everything grow a bit before you decide it’s a weed because you never know. Where you are sure of what was planted – large cuttings are easy to identify that’s why we love them – pull the weeds.

Got some fungus? Bugs? Get started cleaning the plants that are growing and better hit them with some fertilizer too. Better water everything again.

Start the garden beds. Get that compost (didn’t I mention composting as a dry season chore?) you have been tending and turn it into the beds. Cover them with mulch and then with black plastic and let them roast in the sun to kill any weed seeds.

Get up tomorrow and do it all over again. That’s the dry season.

But the rainy season is here. All that work has paid off. Your garden beds are ready so the seeds that sprouted all have places to go. The cuttings are so well rooted that some of them have already flowered (good thing too because you forgot what they were).

Now get those things into the ground, then go sit on the deck and have a large glass of wine. You deserve it.

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