School vacation and its tourism bump near

The public school mid-year vacation is just three weeks away, and that means an additional, although smaller, tourism period.

Plenty of parents arrange their vacations to coincide with when school is out. Many private schools that are on the Costa Rican calendar also will be having time off around the same period.

For public schools, the official start is Monday, July 4, but that means the real start is at the end of classes the proceeding Friday. Classes resume July 18.

Already public and private organizations that plan activities for children during this period are beginning to advertise. This and the month after Christmas are good times for them because some parents dig down to find money to give enrichment activities for children. These include athletics, art and languages.

The Museo Nacional and the Museo de los Niños will be announcing their programs soon.

One advantage of the vacation, even for those without children, is that the downtown license plate restrictions usually are eased because the traffic is lighter.

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