There are some weapons on the street that need to see the chop saw

Some firearms need to be destroyed.

The Dirección General de Armamento of the security ministry announced the destruction of more firearms Wednesday.

Since 2010 the ministry’s agency has destroyed 46,131 firearms. When the latest destruction is announced, some expats object. That’s because some of the weapons are of a respected brand, although police agencies almost never put confiscated firearms into service, regardless of their quality.

Now most of the weapons confiscated came from individuals who were carrying them illegally. That’s probably a commentary on the difficulty and time needed to obtain a carry permit.

A Saturday night special of uncertain material and manufacturer can be picked up on the streets for about $100. The better the weapon, the higher the price.

That is why some drug abusers and small-time vendors turn to making their own weapons. They rig together a couple of pipes that can accommodate a shotgun shell.

Police picked up a couple of these earlier in the week when

they conducted raids of drug houses in Guanacaste, Alajuela and San Josė.

The weapons are downright scary, and police said that they most likely would do more damage to their users than any person who is a target.

These need to be chopped up quickly!

These need to be chopped up quickly!

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